söndag 7 mars 2010


My white hydrangea.

I am a Jane Austen fan! And of course I do love the films/dvds of her books. Here you see some of the actresses, who have played Miss Elizabeth Bennet in different productions of Pride&Prejudice. In my collage above, you will recognize Greer Garson (1940), Keira Knightley (2005), Jennifer Ehle (1995) and Elizabeth Garvie (1980). In the middle Maia Petee who is said to be Miss E.B. in a modern American adaptation of the book,  2010.
Stop by Mary’s little red house to see other mosaics.

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  1. Hello Ingmarie! Thanks for stopping by my blog ;) I will have to stop in and say hello at GBs soon. I hope to see something popping out of the garden in a few weeks! I am starved for color.

    I love Pride and Prejudice too and also Sense and Sensibility with Kate Winslet. Another Jane Austin fan here ;)

  2. I love the movies made from famous English authors' books - there's a new Wuthering Heights that is the best ever and a current Jane Eyre that surpasses the others I've seen. I never get tired of the timeless tales...

  3. Hi thank you for visiting. Glad to see there are other fans of English classic books/series/films out there. Have just bought and seen the dvd 'Wives and Daughters' (Elizabeth Gaskell is the author). I really, really did love it. The piece was fantastically well cast. Buy it if you don't have.

    Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre are on my wish to buy list.

  4. I love your white hydrangea Ingmarie! Small and delicate with fringe! Do you know its name?

    My mother left me a box of old DVDs and, among others, there are quite a collection of old Jane Austen ones! I have a friend who wants to watch with me... Not exactly what my husband enjoys!

    1. Hi Marie! Thank you for your response to my post about Jane Austen and white hydrangea. I am sorry, I don't know the exact name. It is a hydrangea macrophylla and I bought in a florist shop one spring. I planted it out in the garden when the risk for frost was over and it has survived two very cold winters. This year it has two flowers.