söndag 26 juni 2011

Mosaic Monday

Rhododendronblomningen i år har varit ganska bra.
The rhododendron bloom this year has been fairly good, not a perfect year but a good year.

Ett vackert hem på den danska ön Bornholm. 
A lovely home at the island Bornholm
The photos are from Sköna hem My mosaic.

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Something different Max Raabe and the Palastorchester

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  1. Your Rhododendrons may not be perfect to you but they are stunningly beautiful to me. That is a plant that will not grow here and it's a joy to see them in bloom in your photos.

    Both your mosaics are lovely ... that house looks wonderfu all dressed in white.

  2. The rhododendrons are lovely. Beautiful home!

  3. The rhododendrons are exquisite, the home is lovely, and the concert was enchanting. What a marvelous venue for a concert.

  4. Not all of our rhodos did well this year, but the ones that bloomed put on an amazing display. Perhaps I didn't feed the others well enough last year.

  5. Mina få, små rododendron har också varit ok, inte lika fina som dina!
    Tack för en liten njutbar stund med Max.

  6. Hej, hej!

    Vilket behagligt hem, precis de färgerna eller ickefärgerna jag strävar efter för tillfället:-)
    Har du fått garnet och börjat sticka?


  7. How lovely are your rhododendrons and the photos that create your beautiful mosaic! I have enjoyed perusing many of your posts and the beauty in each one especially the lilacs!

    Two weeks ago I was at a wedding and shared a table with a lady whose parents were from Sweden. Her children are named Brigita, Keirsten and Ingrid. It was delightful to listen as she shared some of her recollections and visits to this beautiful country.

    Blogging does bring the world a little closer and I am so happy you stopped by and that I could visit your sweet blog too!

    Our flowering season is a little ahead of yours. Our Rhodies have faded and the hydrangea are beginning to open. Wishing for more rain though. So much in the spring and not enough now.
    Kindly, Lorraine

  8. Wow Your Rhodos look great! better than mine last season for sure. One of my favourites...



  9. Kial ne
    Max Raabe - Roter Mohn