söndag 17 oktober 2010

Mosaic Monday

Riktigt kallt har vi haft det de senaste nätterna. Undrar om hösten redan börjar gå över i vinter. Blommorna
i mina krukor är ett minne blott.

Really cold nights in most parts of Sweden recently. It feels like fall already has start to move into winter.
The flowers in my pots are all gone....
Visit Mary and enjoy other mosaics at  Mosaic Monday

IKEAS duktiga inredare har startat en blogg. Här kommer några foton från bloggen.
Du har säkert sett dem i pressen också.

Have you heard of IKEA, the Swedish  furniture chain? The store first opened in Sweden in the 1940s,
and since then stores have been opened in nearly 50 countries worldwide.
IKEA's talented decorators have started a blog  Livet Hemma  Here are some photos from the blog....
All photos are clickable.

13 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful flowers and mosaic, Ingmarie! It is sad to say goodbye to them. We may have our first frost this week but I will keep my fingers crossed that we do not.

    Ikea is very popular here! I would have to travel about 90 minutes by highway because the closest one is in Illinois. I haven't been here yet but would love to see it.

  2. Pretty flowers! Sad that it';s getting cold and they'll be history, but they make a very pretty mosaic!!

  3. Enjoyed your flower mosaic. Sad to see them go. Thanks for the Ikea blog link!

  4. We had a hard frost on Friday night - time to drain the outside water lines, so we'll be hauling water to the hens and goats until April. Oh well, it's good for the upper arms!

  5. No frost here yet, but it's only a matter of time... aren't you glad that you have your pictures to remind you of your beautiful blooms? :)

  6. Lovely flowers! It is hard to say goodbye them :-)

  7. We've had a couple of frosts here and today was quite windy...so I agree that winter is coming fast. Your flowers are lovely!

  8. Hej, vad fint du har det här på din blogg. Hittat hit via blommig fredag. Kommer gärna igen. Ha en fin vecka/Gela

  9. It is so sad when the cold weather comes and our gardens need to go to sleep. Lovely mosaic.

  10. Det var ett väldigt vackert och höstlikt kollage du bjuder på idag. Snyggt/ Tyra

    Fragrant and Tasty in Tyra’s Garden

  11. Vilka fantastisk kollage du gör! Jag får sådan inspiration:)
    Ha det gott,

  12. So beautiful !
    And I love IKEA, my kitchen, bath and dinner (salotto) are from IKEA
    thank you for the info